KotakFoto is Indonesia’s premier photobooth rental service offering the finest digital photobooth and red carpet photo shoots for your event.

We understand that your event means a lot to you. You’ve been planning it for months and when the big day arrives, you just want it to be very special and memorable for everyone. A day that you don’t want to pass just like that.

That’s what we’re here for, to create a memorable event by bringing you fresh and exciting atmosphere of fun photo shoots. We will turn any boring event into a that-was-a-blast event that you and your guests will remember forever.


Imagine your guests gathering around waiting excitedly for their turn. We will help them take fun pictures, they can be as silly as possible if they dare! Imagine how hilarious it is when they exchange the photos with each other.

Your guests will be delighted to bring home an unforgettable keepsake, and you get to keep all photos from the event.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We are here to capture thousands of unique pictures, preserving millions of smiles, laughter, and happy moments so they’ll be a treasure that you’d cherish for a lifetime.